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  • Evolutionary Wing

    The Evolutionary Wing comprises biological anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, and archaeologists committed to applying scientific methods to understanding the behavior, ecology, society and history of human and non-human primates.
    What unites the Evolutionary Wing of the Department of Anthropology is the application of science to understanding the behavior, ecology, history, and evolution of humans and non-human primates, as individuals and as societies. The many useful approaches to these topics bring together archaeology, human cultural and behavioral ecology, molecular anthropology, paleoanthropology, biogeography, conservation biology, and the socio-ecology of primates. You'll find more specific areas of interest in the Faculty and the Graduate student pages.
    Evolutionary Wing Director and Associate Chair:  Teresa Steele
  • Sociocultural Wing

    The Sociocultural Wing is composed of social, cultural, and linguistic anthropologists committed to understanding how people organize their lives and interpret their circumstances in the modern/ postmodern world.
    Sociocultural anthropologists interpret the content of particular cultures, explain variation among cultures, and study processes of cultural change and social transformation. Davis sociocultural anthropologists conduct research on most areas of the world, focusing on such topics as: human ecology; gender relations; culture and ideology; demography and family systems; race, class, and gender inequality; resistance movements; colonialism, neocolonialism, and development; cultural politics in the West.
    Sociocultural Wing Director:  Alan Klima
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