Ant 211: Short Description

Anthropology 211 (Advanced Topics in Cultural Ecology):
Cultural Ecology Classics and Their Consequences
[Winter Quarter 2006]
[Revisions for Spring Quarter 2008 Pending
Prof. Bruce Winterhalder


Short Description

The focal reading materials for this course are a series of classic, monograph-length studies in the cultural ecology of non-western peoples. In each case we will attend to the work itself (the problems addressed, methodologies used, results and interpretation) in its historical context, and to its consequences for subsequent research in the field. Using various bibliographic tools, we will track the impact of these publications via study of reviews, the debates they provoked and the follow-up research they stimulated. Our goal is a broad understanding of the intellectual history of this field as seen through the lens of its most venerated, ethnographic scholarship.

This class emphasizes the practice of writing grant proposals. For each of the monographs we read, you will be asked to prepare and the class will discuss and critique, a short follow-up research proposal. That proposal will have you return to the field site and time of the monograph for pursuit of a research topic of your choosing.

This class will meet Thursday, from 9:00AM to 11:50AM. For further information please contact:

Bruce Winterhalder (754-4770; or,