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Grants and Research Awards:

Field research and laboratory equipment. Institutional Grants Committee, UNC-Chapel Hill. October 1979.

Research project development award. The evolution of population and energy flow systems in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico. Carolina Population Center, UNC-Chapel Hill. July 1980.

Pre-publication assistance for the book, Hunter-Gatherer Foraging Strategies. University Research Council, UNC-Chapel Hill. November, 1980.

Grants from the Endowment Committee of the College, for Scholarly Publication, Artistic Exhibitions, and Performances. For preparation of illustrations. May, 1981; November, 1982; February 1985.

R. J. Reynolds Industries Junior Faculty Development Award. November, 1981. Back to top

Experimental studies of the foraging behavior and diet of prehistoric Southeastern Indians. University Research Council, UNC-Chapel Hill. $1,500. November, 1981.

Quantifying environmental stress: Predictability, constancy and contingency of rainfall patterns in the central Andes. University Research Council, UNC-Chapel Hill. $1,410. November, 1982.

Production, Storage and exchange in a terraced environment on the eastern Andean escarpment. National Science Foundation, $135,351. July 1984-July 1987.

Hunter-gatherer foraging choices and the effects of prey depletion. University Research Council, UNC-Chapel Hill, $955. November, 1985.

Competitive Research Leave (Pogue) for a project titled: Agriculture and risk: European antecedents and an Andean case study of field dispersion." Spring, 1987. Back to top

Micro-computer support for research on human ecology and adaptation in the Peruvian Andes. Institutional Grants Committee, UNC -- Chapel Hill, $6,314. Spring, 1989.

Methodological training in remote sensing and computerized mapping of Andean agro-ecosystems National Science Foundation, $49,939. October 1989.

Travel Grant to Sixth Int'l Conf on Hunting and Gathering Societies. AAA/NSF. $500. May, 1990.

Simulation analysis of plant domestication and the origins of agriculture. University Research Council, UNC-Chapel Hill, $2000. December, 1995.

Competitive Research Leave (W.N. Reynolds) for a project titled: "Paleoeconomics: The ecological basis of the foraging mode of production," Spring, 1998. Back to top

“Comparison of colonist and indigenous Amazonian land use,” NICHD (Richard Bilsborrow, PI; four Collaborating Investigators, including myself), 4/1/00 through 3/31/03, $1.51 million.