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Genetic Services

A description of the Ancient DNA and primate genetic services provided by the MAL

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Ancient DNA Analysis

We extract DNA from ancient tissue (i.e. bone, teeth, other tissue) and use PCR based techniques to perform RFLP and DNA sequencing analysis. This analysis makes it possible to ascertain the sex of the individual and/ or identify the likely biological source population of the sample.


Primate Genetic Management and Paternity Assessment

Please visit our genetic services website for information on submitting samples for genetic analysis.

We develop and apply PCR-amplified STR markers to identify parentage, calculate kinship and inbreeding coefficients, estimate parameters of genetic diversity, genetic subdivision and founder representation within the colony, and collaborate with principal investigators on colony management strategies and on research involving those data.


For Collaborators:

DNA samples (between 1 and 5 mls of whole blood or 1 mg of tissue) should be shipped overnight in dry ice to our laboratory. Pricing is negotiable, depending on resources. Acknowledgment should be given in all publications (including theses and dissertations) that result from our services, and two reprints should be donated to our laboratory.